The maglev generator

Now this seems to me to be where the Government of Saskatchewan could be spending our hard-earned tax dollars as opposed to doling out corporate welfare to AREVA.

From The Conscious Earth

Chinese Claim 20% Boost to Wind Generation

Chinese scientists unveiled what is believed to be a key breakthrough in wind generating technology that could boost output by 20% while dropping the costs of generation below 5 cents (U.S.) per kilowatt-hour.

A new technology, a magnetic levitation wind turbine, could boost wind energy production by 20 percent. The article, posted and much-discussed, at Treehugger suggests the new technology could potentially fill the power void in locations with no connection to the grid by harnessing low-speed wind resources that were previously untappable.

So, even if it’s not one of those wickedly windy days in SK, we could potentially create more energy than we’d earlier suspected. One can’t help but wonder if Calvert and Cline talked to the Chinese officials about that when they were on their Uranium Sales Trip late last year.

Somehow, I doubt it.

Imagine if our SK researchers had the funds to work on something like this…


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