NDP dead in home of T.C. Douglas

SK NDP Premier, Lorne Calvert, in commenting on the recent 3rd-place finish in Weyburn-Big Muddy by-election, said, We are not connecting with individuals and their families in their homes. That’s something we need to think about.


Hullo, Lorne? Have you been paying any attention to what people within your own party have been saying over the past dozen years? You haven’t been connecting with them, either, have you? Except to organize against them at your sacred Convention.

You’re too busy manufacturing consent and kiss-assing AREVA, Cameco and other multinationals so that they can bring more death and devastation to our province with their promises of jobs in a refinery that processes uranium. And you must be spinning circles turning a blind eye to the Saskatchewan uranium that became part of the nuclear arsenal which has been stockpiled and dumped on innocent civilians. You must be too busy listening to bad advice and counting all that dirty money to bother looking at how you inflict more and more deplorable damage upon the people, animals, and eco-systems in Saskatchewan’s north and other parts of the world.

You’re so eager to be a do-gooder, finding work for the layed-off forestry workers that you’ll take anything that comes this way, not caring that the workers will end up giving up their lives to cancer!

Yes, Lorne, you need to think long and hard about that.

And while you’re at it, think longer and harder. Especially if you expect anyone but the die-hards — who voted against gender parity on the most important joint caucus and party committee you have going, the Legislative Advisory Committee — to cast their X beside an NDP-sponsored name on the next provincial or federal ballot.

And, if you’re really serious about thinking, you might also spend some time thinking about the token dollars you’ve provided to Tommy Douglas’ real legacy, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and compare that to the billion dollar give-aways of forest, minerals, and other natural resources you’ve provided to the business community you’re wooing.

Get back to the CCF roots, Mr. Calvert. And then the land of Tommy Douglas, the constituency of Weyburn-Big Muddy, might once again come back to the NDP .


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3 thoughts on “NDP dead in home of T.C. Douglas

  1. “That’s something we need to think about. ”

    When I heard that a couple weeks ago, I rolled my eyes. The NDP stopped thinking years ago and have been coasting on Roy’s push to de-ruralize Saskatchewan in the 1990s.

  2. That is not surprising to me. Its not a good sign when your “headquarters” is lost. Would be like the CPC losing Alberta. Sad, but I believe it is a sign of what is to come for the NDP. They have squandered their respected position for one of rhetoric and spin. Aligning themselves with their idealogical opposites (CPC) purely for votes and poer will further confuse and alienate current “Dippers” who obviously are not used to party corruption/erosion. Their rumoured move to the centre will fail miserably and after the next election the NDP will be faced with replacing Mr. Layton and then have to reconnect with their roots and if they are lucky to even survive it. The buzz among Liberals is that if they party looks to lose the next election, they will vote Green and not NDP. I do believe we have change brewing.

  3. JW, I don’t know that I agree with your take on the federal scene. I think the NDP will hold their own federally, but won’t go any further until the provincial NDP get back to their roots. They’ve become so patriarchal and bourgeois I can’t stand it!

  4. Don’t paint all NDPer’s with the same brush. My own Ottawa area NDP riding association is as grassroots as it gets. Living in a Conservative stronghold, we are all too aware that we have a slim chance of winning the seat, but we keep spreading the word (and not just during election time). On the nuclear issue my riding association has taken a strong stance against the Ontario government’s plan to build more nuclear power plants. We also spend most of our spare time convincing the Yuppie voters in our riding that “nuclear power is not the only solution to climate change”. Our members have taken active roles in fighting the expansion of a local dump, getting their hands dirty planting trees and fighting development on a beautiful, as yet unspoiled ridge and organizing the Earth Day eco-stewardship fair which this year had 80 plus vendors. We also included an environmental rep on our executive. Our members are aware of the delicate balance between social justice and saving the planet (we know that its hard to think about buying organic when you can barely afford to feed you family).
    Sorry I got a bit “ranty”.

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