Manufacturing Consent

Seems the NDP in SK are taking their campaign to mine more uranium to the next level. They’ve already manufactured consent within the provincial party. They’ve worked with the business community to create a clamour for it in some job-starved rural/northern communities. And, they’re offering incentives to AREVA (which has just formed a new joint venture with URENCO to create a Enrichment Technology Company. How convenient, now having been invited to build a uranium refinery in the province of Saskatchewan.)

My email friend, Ivan, says this:

I’d like to remind Mr. Calvert and Mr. Cline that when full cost accounting is used and not the voodoo economics of the uranium industry, Saskatchewan hasn’t made a single dime on uranium..

Uranium mines are abandoned ten years after shutting down and then go into the public domain. Our grandchildren pay for the security and for any future contamination from these highly dangerous sites. These future costs are conveniently ignored whenever expansion of any facet of the nuclear cycle is being promoted.

Spent reactors and refineries litter the world because no one knows what to do with them. They are so dangerous from radioactivity that their dismantling costs are phenomenal and there still is no where to put the material. Once again, our grandchildren are being left the bill.

Because Northern Saskatchewan is now being contaminated by acid rain from the Alberta tar sands and polluted by past, current and potential future contaminations from the uranium cycle, tourism and fishing have a limited future. What’s wrong, Mr. Calvert and Mr. Cline, with leaving a legacy for future generations of the last pristine forests and lakes on earth? Shouldn’t our governments be educating the public on all aspects of the nuclear cycle before selling out our children’s future?

Even if we’re going to be indecisive when dealing with the planet’s most dangerous substances we must remember to not serve our gluttony but always err on the side of safety. We owe that to future generations.

Let’s have real public debate and education on this issue, not the endless propaganda from big corporations and naive governments.

And I agree. I certainly don’t like how this is shaping up. SK doesn’t have a good track record where the north is concerned. Look at the environmental damage left in the wake of uranium mining.

Look at Weyerhauser — that multinational has pulled out of SK, but still maintains logging rights to the land which, in effect, stops small- to medium-sized loggers from going in.

So, yes, when there are kids to feed and when there is no work to be had, any work — even in a uranium mine or at a uranium refinery — starts looking pretty fine.

A clamour, indeed…


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