A must-read

Heather Mallick on REALWomen.

Attack on feminism hurts women here and overseas
CBC News Viewpoint | June 30, 2006 | More from Heather Mallick
REAL Women are on the warpath, as I guess I would be too if I were REAListic, Equal, Active, and for Life. Hey, I am all those things! Oh, they mean “not in your unREAL way.” I think.

REALists have been quiet for a long time. But they see the Stephen Harper minority government as their chance to change Canada back to the way they say it used to be. Whatever that was, I’m sure it was lovely. And frankly, their view of the future does verge on the dire.

“We are living in the best of material times … Yet, simultaneously, we are also living in a time of moral decadence: abortion on demand, the legalization of same-sex relationships as marriages, the cultural and legal acceptance of homosexuality despite its destructive ramifications, both psychologically and medically, rampant sexual promiscuity and euthanasia, legalized drug use and legalized prostitution just around the corner.”

But I’m for all these things.

Me too.  Read the full article here.


One thought on “A must-read

  1. hmmm….too many ‘bobbit-fearing’ harpo politicos. let’s face it, too many men don’t like to be challenged by women. ‘back in the day’, when we were all tribal and the vast majority of tribes (turtle island, eurpope, middle east blah blah blah) were mother clan, it was for good reason. women were the title holders to the land, it could not be sold, women raised the children and knew who would be good leaders since birth (often before birth). watch ’em grow, appoint the right ones. have the option to unnappoint them.

    it was a system of gender equality. but somewhere along the line heirarchy, partriarchy took testosterone levels to a new high and did away with all that. the oligarchy was formed. this last millenium has been a sleezy display of insecurity.

    look out harpo, you’re sliting your own throat. porb is, the damage that’s being done in the wake of destruction will have had too many victims.

    self-proclaimed realists should read this:

    optimist: when sailing, one who hopes the wind will change
    pessimist: one who thinks the wind won’t change and doom is ahead
    realist: one who adjusts the sail according to the wind.

    so who are the realists in these times?

    the only truth is to be found in nature.

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