The Harper claims no wrongdoing

From the Globe & Mail

Party broke no rules, Harper says

From Saturday’s Globe and Mail

Ottawa — Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended his party yesterday against allegations that it failed to disclose who attended its 2005 convention, saying the Tories followed “all the rules” when collecting fees.

Chief Electoral Officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley asked the Conservative Party yesterday to hand over documents relating to the convention to ensure financial regulations were followed.

“All the laws have been obeyed and the Liberals will have to obey them as well,” Mr. Harper said yesterday. “That’s the tough part.”

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The Conservatives are facing allegations from the Liberals and the NDP that they failed to categorize convention fees as political contributions. Contributions to political parties must be reported to Elections Canada.

The Liberals argue that their interpretation of federal financing laws requires that convention fees be reported. The Tories say they need to be reported only if the party makes money off the convention.

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Nice try, PMSH.


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