Canada’s impossible mission

As Blevkog and Maple Leaf Politics have already reported, the Senlis Council, an international security and development policy think tank, reports that Canadian troops are suffering in Afghanistan in part because of Canada’s adherence to U.S. policies.

Canada in Kandahar: No Peace to Keep – A Case Study of the Military Coalitions in Southern Afghanistan

New Field Report

June 2006 Canadian troops and Afghan civilians are paying with their lives for Canada’s adherence to the US government’s failing military and counter-narcotics policies in Kandahar. The US-led counter-terrorist operations and militaristic poppy eradication strategies have triggered a new war with the Taliban and other insurgent groups, and are causing countless civilian deaths.

To a large extent, it can be said that Operation Enduring Freedom and the related militaristic counter-narcotics policies are significant contributors to the current state of war in Kandahar and the other southern provinces.

Canada and the international community continue to unquestioningly accept America’s fundamentally flawed policy approach in southern Afghanistan, thereby jeopardising the success of military operations in the region and the stabilisation, reconstruction and development mission objectives.

In the report, released on Wednesday, the authors say that

“Canadian troops have been handed an impossible mission which can only lead to significant casualties…

“Until Canada fundamentally re-evaluates its approach and creates its own new strategy for its presence in Kandahar, with a clear split from the failed US policies there, the Canadian mission in Afghanistan is blindly following a path that will lead to senseless military and civilian casualties.”

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Lt. Col. Ian Hope, commander of the Princess Patricia’s battle group in Kandahar, scoffed at the report.

It’s completely typical of the current administration, isn’t it, to ignore good advice?


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