The more I learn about the Harper…

the more I think he’s working to divide the people of Canada in order to get that majority he so desperately wants. (May it never come to fruition.)

Thanks to Leftdog at Buckdog, for the lead.


6 thoughts on “The more I learn about the Harper…

  1. While Harper has the temporary advantage of holding ‘government’, he is moving quickly to accomplish some of his more ‘urgent’ goals. These include $16 Billion into military spending and slapping down gains made by aboriginal people. If his little minority should fail, he will have accomplished some of his remake of Canada.

  2. I agree and it is being done very strategically. His short term agenda is now becoming very clear; (and as I said, he is rushing to accomplish what he can while he has ‘government’). Hence Parliament is going to rehash ‘gay marriage’ in the near future with an eye to reversing recent Supreme Court rulings. He is scrambling to rewrite the ‘equalization’ formula to ensure that Charest and Quebec view his government favourably. The question now is what are his other key goals?

  3. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that nuclear energy will be big in his environment plan. That’ll please Dalton in ON and Lorne and the old boys here in SK.

    I’d be so happy to be wrong on this one!

  4. The Supreme Court of Canada has not ruled in favour of homosexual marriage and has never ruled against one man one woman marriage being unconstitutional. There is nothing to reverse in that way. However, the superior courts in the provinces have ruled in their favour, so he is trying to reverse them in a way.

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