Sexual Assault on minor OK if you’re an ex-soldier

That poor, poor girl.  What faith will she have in this system of un-justice?  And how long until everyone charged with a sexual assault starts pleading this line of defense?

From CBC 

Ex-soldier found not guilty of sex assault on Manitoba girl

A former soldier who admitted to sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in Manitoba has been found not guilty, because he convinced the judge that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Justice Nathan Nurgitz, who handed down the verdict in a Winnipeg court on Thursday, said that in cases where a mental disorder — such as PTSD — is used as a defense, the onus is on the party claiming that defence to prove the illness.

But the judge said the team of experts called by the defence convinced him that Roger Borsch, 34, was indeed suffering from PTSD.

Borsch did not contest the Crown's assertion that he attacked the girl in her home in the northern Manitoba community of The Pas two years earlier, but blamed post-traumatic stress disorder for his actions.

He told the court about horrors he saw as a Canadian Forces peacekeeper in Bosnia in 1994.

He said he once came across a Serbian soldier raping a young girl and shot the man in the head. On another occasion, he said, he saw a girl killed by a landmine. 

This is what we do to our young men:  expose them to violence against women, on TV, in movies, in video games, in bad porn, on military missions.

Then they sexually assault young girls and other females.

The courts say, There-there, poor boy.

And the Harper wants to give another $15 billion dollars to the military industrial complex.

This is a sick world, indeed. 

And one that will get sicker with the Harper at the helm. 


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