National Post lies & illogics

 Regarding this piece,

Get behind the shield

National Post

Published: Thursday, June 22, 2006

This week, North Korea moved one of its new Taepodong-2 ballistic missiles onto a launch pad, presumably in preparation for a test firing. Since this latest Taepodong is thought to be capable of reaching at least Alaska (and perhaps the American West Coast), the United States responded by switching its ground-based, missile-interceptor system from test mode to operational.

This guy points out falsehoods and misleads:

The National Post: Misleading Canadians on BMD

Thursday’s lead editorial in the National Post called on the Conservative government of Stephen Harper to ‘stop hiding’ and ‘seek inclusion in [the American] BMD program.’ While concluding that the case against BMD has always been ‘very thin,’ the editorial in fact demonstrated the opposite: it is the BMD-boosters whose case falls apart on inspection.

The editorial contains a number of serious factual and logical errors.

The editorial contains a number of serious factual and logical errors. 


3 thoughts on “National Post lies & illogics

  1. Stephen at No BMD, eh? knows more about defence policy than anyone in Ottawa, I think. He also has brains, common sense, and a sense of humour. Why can’t we have ministers like that?

  2. ttp:// they lied and there’s all the documents on that one they had to retract it by order of a judge, just not publicly which is bs, there is no retracting story published as far as I know so even though they lied the original lie is still posted but the retraction is not

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