Action: On Boobs, Booze & Boycotts

When I first posted about the Better than Beer advertisement I suspected that other women and men might also be offended. It seemed to me such a clear example of the objectification and degradation of a woman's body. And, objectification is sexist in that it promotes an idea on the most literal level, in this instance, that a woman must have three breasts to be better than beer. I don't think my kids or anyone else's kids need that. And whether a woman designed the campaign or not is irrelevant. The ad insults women. I encourage you to lodge a complaint with Advertising Standards Canada — it's a very quick and simple online process.

As I said in an earlier post, I've learned a lot from this. The first is to trust my instincts. The comments section at the original post provides just a glimpse of the net patriarchy casts. Apparently, I am self-righteous, a nitwit, and possessing an especially distasteful Saskatchewan quality, according to the Managing Editor of the magazine. Oh, and, my concerns are utter, one-sided crap.

But enough about me. Take a look at this from Better Than Brains:

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The "Boycott Bacardi" campaign began in the UK with questions about ethics and their meddling in the political affairs of Cuba.

When you drink Bacardi, you help to fund illegal attempts to break the back of the Cuban government. Through violence. To return to those idyllic pre-Castro days. (E.g. that time when clubs were segrated and even the President of the time Fulgencio Batista was denied access. Too bad he couldn't sing.)

One of the organizations they fund is the Cuban-American National Foundation. It has been linked to (though they deny it – surprise) the bombing of Cuban businesses among other terrorist acts. Oh wait, this is based in the land of the land of the F(r)ee and the originators of the War on Terrorism?

Colour me shocked. And awed.

Maybe that isn't reason enough to forego your favourite breezer or to switch what goes into your coke on that hot summer day.

Not into Socialism? How about some misogyny…

This morning, however, I was introduced to their current advertising campaign.

Nothing like a poster of a three-breasted woman with the words "Better than Beer" on it to brighten your day.

I "get" that the point is that Bacardi drinkers are smarter than beer drinkers, and would NEVER objectify women. *cough* Oh wait. That's exactly what the campaign does.

Ha ha ha. Look at the funny woman with the third breast.
Ha ha ha. Look at the stupid men who would think this is a great thing.
It can't be misogynist! A woman came up with the campaign!
It can't be misogynist! It's pointing out the shallowness of men!

Yes it can be misogynist, and it is…

And if you want to send a very clear message that it isn't acceptable, then Boycott Bacardi.

Boycott Bacardi - it'll leave a bad taste in your mouth!

Want to include it on your site?

<a href=""><img src="; alt="Boycott Bacardi – it'll leave a bad taste in your mouth!" border="0" /></a>

Help end the backlash. Boycott Bacardi.  Let Bacardi know what you think: email or phone 1-888-BACARDI


5 thoughts on “Action: On Boobs, Booze & Boycotts

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  2. I have to confess that I looked at the ad.

    And then I looked again.

    It’s not sexist.

    It’s stupid.

    It didn’t even make me want to follow the link…

  3. The CANF is not engaged in sabotage in Cuba anymore, and Cuba is hardly a socailist “beacon” any longer. Furthmore, Cuban society today is better off than it was before the revolution. And while Cuba may have suffered at the hands of the US a decade ago, this is hardly true anymore, and only true because of their unwillingness to reform. Why do you think more people are leaving Cuba than going back?

  4. Ok. This is to: who ever commented on the advertisement ‘three breasted lady’. So, you think the ad is bad enough to step us back on women rights stuff? You are tripping! First of all (and this is ALL just MY opinion) nobody can cause any one to ‘step back’ anything! You give way too much credit and power to these ads! For an ad to work it has to get your attention. Which it did. Enough to where you remember it. Which it did. You don’t even realize that your added energy and comments are some of the best ‘free publicity’ But, back to what I REALLY wanted to say to you. You are so tripping on others and this woman rights stuff so I have some real questions for you and PLEASE be honest with yourself. Have you ever been in a bar and dressed nicely? You know, where you look all feminine and pretty? Have you EVER smiled at a man? That smile might bring on someone to actually buy you a drink. Have you EVER accepted a drink from a man? Have you ever been in a grocery store and the lines are long and you don’t have much in your arms and so you dart for faces in hopes for connecting eyes so they will notice your few items and actually allow you to pass in front of them? Have you EVER used public transportation and as sometimes there are not any seats and as some gentlemen do they offer you a seat because you are female? How about doors have you ever let a man hold open a door for you? Or policemen if by chance you HAVE to talk to one more than likely the feminine will suddenly come out in hopes everything goes well. Do you wear make up? Have you ever worn a low cut blouse? Have you ever worn high heels? Or tight show off the curves pants? Skirt? Dresses? Anything that makes women look like they are women!!! And if you have answered to any of these questions with a yes and again I ask that you be honest. Then you are guilty of advertisement. You yourself will have set back millions of women hard earned steps toward equal opportunity and equal rights. So I say “open your own door, buy your own drink, take your ticket, stand up in public transportation, and wait in line like every one else. And keep your smile to yourself. Because every woman has done it. I know I have. That is one joy of being a girl (woman) and my feminism is mine to use as I wish to any full advantage if I can. And I don’t think a woman alive can say she hasn’t at least once in her life and if you do say you have not. Then you are a liar. I’d bet my life on it. But as a liar you are not worthy of it. So grow up little girl and get in the real world or get the f&*k out! And Stephen good commenting but I think you forgot to mention the things that I just did. I did it for you man, I did it for you! Sincerely Robin G. Gatdula

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