Roundup of recent boo-boos by Harperites

The PM himself made an optical boo-boo, packing his staff and buddies and security team into a government jet and zooming to Edmonton for the sixth game of the Stanley Cup final. The spin on this has been hilarious and there are some legitmate questions that need to be answered. (CfSR and Maple Leaf Politics)

A blogger suggests that there is a dead Minister walking in Ottawa. And that he's Tony Clement, the Minister of Health who forgot to unload his 25 per cent equity shares in pharmaceutical giant Prudential Chem Inc. when he took on the Health portfolio. Again the spin the Cons are trying to put on this is hilarious! (BCer in Toronto)

Update 21Jun06 Canadian Health Coalition tells Tony to divest or resign with a link to a PDF. (Calgary Grit)

Stockwell (aka Doris) Day has been talking up wasted tax money and wasting it at the same time. He rented a room for a news conference to talk about wasted tax money when he could have had a room for free in the Parliament Buildings! (My Blahg)
Seems Hon. Rona Ambrose has had a breakup with her Chief of Staff. She may be hard-pressed now to come up with any plan at all on the environment. And expectations across the country and around the world are high. Some have suggested the jobless Con is simply the scapegoat for the flak the Cons are taking around Kyoto. (Far and Wide)

Finally, the PM insulted participants at the World Urban Forum in Vancouver this week by stating that the threat of terrorism is the most serious challenge facing the world these days. The threat of terrorism? Puh-leeze! Many participants in the Forum come from countries where citizens do not have access to clean drinking water or enough food to feed their families. He is the Bushite's MiniMe! (The Matriarchist)
LOL! Gotta wonder how much longer Ms Buckler will be the Harper's Communications Commando…


4 thoughts on “Roundup of recent boo-boos by Harperites

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  2. Typical “prog”.
    Harper gives a 2500 word speech, approximately 54 minutes in length, and you focus on, and _misquote_, a single sentence.
    For the record, here is the actual sentence:
    “Of course, in our modern world, sadly, the most serious challenge of all is the threat of terrorism that casts an ominous shadow over all our cities throughout the world.”
    I really don’t see how this could be construed as an insult to participants of the World Urban Forum.

  3. The italicized words are directly from CKNW’s website. What’s not italicized are my words. My opinion. To which I believe I am entitled.

    And if you don’t know how PMS’s words could be construed as an insult to poor people, perhaps Robert’s explanation will help you. If not, read up on the Terrorism Index which says that loose nukes are a more likely threat than terrorism.

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