Promo for Street Harassment?

From The Carillon, University of Regina student newspaper, an example of a young man enroute to becoming an old boy. He and the paper's editor obviously don't care about how street harassment impacts women. And, to dismiss it by saying girls do it, too, is simply ridiculous! 

Creeping it real

By Jordan Reid

Summer is upon us, and it brings with it the scantily clad females that I have come to love. It is at this time of the year that creeping it real is an almost daily occurrence. Now, I am not flat out admitting that I’m a creep, or that I am objectifying women in any way. Let’s be honest, girls at the beach are checking out guys just as much as the guys are checking out the girls. The guys, however, are certainly not above throwing out catcalls or whistles, whereas the girls tend to be a little more reserved in their appreciation.

Let me explain some of the finer points of “creeping it real.” Staring for a little too long, throwing out a “BABY!” when driving down the street and seeing a hottie jogging, or just being an obnoxious pervert in general all suggest that you are, in fact, “creeping it real.” The art of creeping is something that I feel my friends and I have mastered over the past year. Where once I would have been embarrassed by being caught staring at a girl, I almost enjoy it now. And c’mon girls, is it not at least somewhat flattering when you catch a guy gawking at you, mouth agape? I don’t get it that often, but when I see a girl staring at me like that I’m usually pretty stoked.

The idea of driving around and yelling “BABY!” at a complete stranger is one that has taken me some getting used to, but now I consider myself a seasoned veteran. There’s almost nothing funnier than to throw a holler out and receive a good old “eat shit” look. The disgusted headshake is a favorite of mine as well. A car full of guys, especially after a few drinks, almost guarantees some form of creeping, and believe me when I say that we take no prisoners. Young, old, fat and thin are all potential victims of creeping, within a moderate degree of reason of course. I’m certainly not going to yell out “BABY!” at some little 10-year-old girls, and I might draw the line if they were 80, but anyone else had better watch out.

Of course, when creeping it real goes wrong, it can really go wrong. On a recent trip to the movie theater, a 12 year old girl was unintentionally given the “Brain” by one of my classier friend [sic] (if you don’t know what the “Brain” is, go rent Waiting and enlighten yourself). In my friend’s defense, he was attempting to give it to another buddy when this poor little girl happened to step into the crossfire. This was not an attempt at creeping it real, but it certainly ended up that way. There are several other ways that it can end up being a disaster. A slap in the face always sucks, and the rarely used (thankfully!) kick in the testicles usually ends in tears. It is always best to gauge the situation, as much as humanly possible, before an attempt to creep it real is made. While this can be difficult sometimes, it is much better to be safe than sorry and crying on the ground while laying in the fetal position, cradling your bruised genitalia. Remember, always practice safe creeping!

Now as I stated earlier, creeping it real should not be thought of as perverted or assholish. Well, maybe it’s a little assholish. It’s just a game though, a shits-and-giggles kind of pastime that is only meant for a laugh, immature as it may be. Please don’t be offended, and if you are at least spare me a kick in the balls. Please.

First bad ads, now this. Methinks Saskatchewan's editorial men might benefit from a Women's Studies class or two! Email your concerns to the Editor-in-Chief, Steven Kiser.


26 thoughts on “Promo for Street Harassment?

  1. Ironically, prairie dog is running a story on this in Thursday’s issue. Now, let’s start the countdown to the first post from a wit who suggests our magazine supports the yelling-at of women from cars.

    Stephen Whitworth
    Managing yadda yadda.

  2. This is all bad to me because I’ve dealt with slime like that creep 2 Years Ago in Mt. Vernon,IA and to make things things worse, I think the paper that this Milhouse tried his hands at is getting some nasty calls from Feminists and Mothers alike.

  3. So. Dirty looks, slaps in the face and knees to the groin don’t teach these prats anything? Maybe a harassment suit when he tries to “creep it real” at work on his first real job will do the trick.

    Or maybe not. Somehow I can’t see this charmer ever getting a real job.

    I love how he admits he doesn’t often get checked out by girls. I’ll bet Mr. Wonderful will end up wondering why he has so much trouble attracting a girlfriend who’ll actually want to stick with him, and NEVER hit upon the answer. But he’ll certainly hit on everything else that moves, you betcha!

  4. Oh, so he’s saying anyone between the ages of 11 and 79 should watch out for him. He says that isn’t perverted and MAJORLY assholish? Get a life, and some dignity.

  5. Man, I cannot believe this junk was published. This guy is pitiful and disgusting. At least we now know what he looks like so we can shun him when we see him.

  6. oh my gosh this is horrible! This guy is perverted and this article discriminates women onso many levels. I almost threw up when i read this and found out it was published! What kind of sick pervert would publish an article like that?

  7. I forwarded the following letter to the editor of the publication the above article appeared in.

    To The Editor: Please forward the following letter to the author of
    “Creeping it Real”. You have my permission to publish this letter as
    a response to his article if you wish.

    Dear Jordan Reid,

    What you should think about is what how a woman FEELS when she is
    forced to give a “disgusted headshake” or an “eat shit look”.

    I can tell you (from experience, starting from when I hit puberty)
    that it takes a lot of energy, both during and after an incident, to
    deal with feelings of having been:

    Treated with disrespect
    Laughed at
    Taken for granted
    Made small

    (Some combination of which will more often than not be the likely
    result of your comments.)

    I can also assure you that it is stressful to have to contend with
    with these feelings, and it can often take a significant amount of
    time to process what just happend; why it just happened; how it made
    you feel; why it made you feel that way, etc…

    So while you drive away laughing, the person you just made the comment
    to continues to think about it.

    It’s not a good feeling.

    The worst part is sometimes you get the feeling that your world gets a
    little bit smaller every time some guy takes the liberty of saying
    whatever the hell he wants to you, with zero concern for how it might
    make you feel.

    I really think you should think about this next time you decide to say
    make an unsolicited comment to someone you don’t know.

    The “looks” you delight in getting back can tell you that while to you
    it’s just a “game”, it’s NOT a game at to the girls and women you’re
    putting down – and for the record, even “compliments” – when they are
    thrown at you by someone you don’t know – feel like a put down.

    What is the feeling behind that look? Imagine those facial
    expressions and see if you can feel how it feels – in your stomach, in
    your gut. Try to understand where those responses come from, and try
    to imagine what your comments might be bringing up in the life of
    another person.

    You’re a young guy – you’re attracted to and interested by women. You
    have a mind of your own and you posess the undeniable right to think
    whatever you want about the girls and women you see in the world. But
    I really think you should keep your comments to yourself, rather than
    turn other people into targets of abuse.

    Sarah White

  8. Im betting you’ve recieved hundreds, maybe thousands of emails and letters from women absolutely disgusted with Jordan Reid. I stumbled upon this article by accident and am filled with utter disbelief that a sick psycho would write such a thing. Never mind the fact that this asshole (and yes that’s what I mean to say) will never get respect from a female, but does he not realize that when women are walking down the street or through the mall and are yelled at, that they are made to feel ashamed,ambarassed and just utterly distraught? It shouldn’t be bad to be a proud, confident woman, and we shouldn’t have to walk around in parkas and long pants to prevent ourselves from being made to feel this way. Being a woman has almost become a negative thing, and with all the progress that’s been made to help us move up in the world, an article like this puts us ten steps behind. This guy should be locked up for his pervertedness. Publishing things like this only makes things worse. You guys should be ashamed.

  9. My advise to all you female gender that are disgusted lighten up!! Consider it a compliment if someone should direct a comment your way (Baby etc… come on! what the hell is all the fuss). Don’t feel ashamed, embarrassed, distraught, Insulted, Injured Intimidated, Treated with disrespect, Laughed at, Disempowered, Threatened, Taken for granted
    or Made small; turn around and say thank-you or something suiting. And as a closing don’t walk around in parkas and baggie pants unless you are one of the unfortunate that has commented to this article in a negative way and feel offended. To the rest of you gals if you feel good about yourself keep showing it to creeping you real.

  10. Sarah of Vancouver – well said!! Brad – you are an idiot!!! Telling women not to feel this way is the thinking of a simpleton. The feeling one gets from the creepiness of such incidents is immediate and visceral. It’s not as if women talk themselves into feeling grossed out.

    5PM EST today, I was walking back from a business meeting to go to my car near Penn Station in NYC. I don’t even know what the person looked like, but imagine my disgust when I hear a creepy voice whispering to me at a very close range, “Nice body.” Not that it matters, but I was in a black dress and sweater covering, me from neck to knee. If you cannot understand how disgusting and perverted it feels to have a total stranger, who you did not even see or make eye contact with, close enough to whisper in your ear about your body, you are not very bright. A compliment from a stranger is, “You look very nice today,” or “Great outfit,” etc. Getting close enough to a stranger to whisper anything on a crowded street is invasive. Commenting to that person about their body is offensive, and in poor taste. Furthermore, what exactly do these men think they are going to get out of such behavior? If you want to compliment someone, you make eye contact, smile and in a clearly audible voice compliment them with a phrase that you wouldn’t be ashamed to say to your grandmother.

    Imagine your sister, mother, daughter or wife being the subject of such behavior, or better yet, take a poll and ask them if it’s ever happened to them and how it made them feel. You might be surprised.

    My final point to you Brad is this happened 2 1/2 hours ago, and I’m still annoyed by it. That in and of itself should tell you the effects such behavior has upon a person.

  11. Imagine…

    I am a man and _I_ feel demeaned by what that guy wrote.

    I won’t play holier-than-thou: when a cute lady strolls by, I look (look, I said, not leer) and my age (I am 59) dispenses me from “having to” hit her.

    But I do whish that any ladies would feel safe walking alone in the darkest night without having to deal with those caricatures that passes for men.

  12. I just stumbled upon the NYC website, and wound up here. I am Canadian, proud of it, but when I see things like this written by and published by what is supposed to be a sampling of our best and brightest, I’m ashamed of our colleges and universities.
    I will agree that yes sometimes some women take things too seriously, however cat-calls and the like are not an acceptable way of complimenting anyone, male or female.
    For example:
    My younger sister is very attractive, works in a high-class restraunt which also has comment cards provided to every customer. One male individual had taken it upon himself to make a written comment of “Keep up the sexy work, nice ass.” Her female manager read the afore mentioned comment card and advised my sister that with comments like that she would be better suited to work in a bar or lounge, and that this is not the best place for her to be employed. She is now under probation at work.
    It is sickening that behaviour that can be labeled as “creeping it real” can threaten ones job when nothing was done to provoke it. The required attire is long black pants and a supplied oversized work blouse that must be tucked in along with an apron. She wears an apron that comes down past her knees now, instead of the standard short one that everyone else does. Not by choice, but upon request of her manager. This “harmless comment” has affected her job and her livelihood.
    You who decide to “creep it real” should see that it is not an acceptable form of address to a woman. If you want to compliment one, look her in the eyes and say something like: “you look very nice” or as said before, something you could say to your grandmother without feeling ashamed.
    It’s not rocket science, it’s respect of another human being. Imagine you’re talking to your sister/mother/grandmother/daughter/neice, how would _you_ feel if someone else made a comment like that to _your_ loved one?

  13. What I love about pig-headed chauvinists is how powerful they feel when they creep on women.

    How I wish it were ethical to turn the tables: as a gay man, I feel like I have some idea of what it’s like to have something shouted at you on the street (although that which is shouted at me is never said appreciatively – not that this grades our suffering, just differentiates it).

    Notice how quickly the mood turns from jovial to dead-serious when it’s a man who hits on another man. To quote an earlier commenter -Brad-, maybe these ‘straight’ men shouldn’t feel made small or offended or used – it’s a compliment! Why can’t they take it?

    Before people share their unsolicited appraisal for someone else, he should think about me sharing my (unlikely) appraisal for him.

    Keep up the good work, ladies! I admire your courage and your resilience. As some of the other men who have commented her and at the various HollaBack sites – you have male allies among you.


  14. If you’ve ever wondered what could be going on in the mind of a rapist, here’s your answer! Let’s get a DNA sample from this creep pronto.

  15. I’m a guy and I can’t believe something like this would be published! Seriously, WTF?!

    Would there be any difference if instead of ‘women’ the game was to go ‘creep out’ minorities standing in the streets, or say homeless people? It’s just a game right (according to this fool)?

    Of course, i’m sure cowards like this guy will only stick to people who can’t punch his lights out like 12-year old girls..

  16. Wonder how this young man would feel if a bunch of guys were having a good ole laugh at his mother’s expense…or better yet, his young sister,niece…maybe one day his own daughter. Older women are generally just disgusted but this type of behaviour is scary…..even more so to the young women that aren’t used to such attention. How do these women really kmow if you boys aren’t gonna drive by again for a second round. It’s really disturbing that harassing,frightening and humiliating women young and old can be turned into a game for the “boys” when they have nothing better to do….
    He should get a real job….he has wayyyy too much time on his hands.

  17. I think its all in the context..I’m a guy and I feel hitting on girls who’re under 20 or making them feel insecure and unsafe is definitely not good or acceptable but 2 the same time I think the reason why this continues is because it works on some women. So a comment like, you look..cute whats your name or deep stare (eye – eye) in a mall on some girls..actually works and some girls respond to it but it also creeps out lot of the girls too. I think its all in the a deep eye contact or comment from a guy..who she finds very attractive mite evoke a positive response or she mite take it as a compliment while the same from a 55 yr old guy is obviously gonna creep her out. Having said all this..I’ve been hit on by some guyz (I’m straight) in malls too and I have taken it as a compliment although I would have preferred such direct compliments more from a girl :). But I guess thats the way Men are. But then again..I’m an honest, laid back guy who does not see the world thru Skeptical eyes and I always try to take something positive out of a situation. So if a girl in a bar gives me attitude and is very rude to me without any reason,..I just politely eject and walk off to the next girl and ask her how she’s doing. I cannot afford to ponder on my earlier rejection becoz @ the end of the day, the truth is, I cannot afford to take her rejection personally.

    I think all this is just part of life and its gonna happen again too and it should not been taken personally although I know its very hard not 2.

  18. Well, Mark, you have one thing right. All this is part of life and it is a particular part of life that disproportionately and negatively impacts women. And yes, it will keep happening again and again for as long as there are men who believe it’s just part of life and make no effort to make the world a better place for all.

  19. Jordan has no idea that power relations and real violence underlie heterosexuality, and no idea (except on the experiential level that allows him to enjoy it) that he is enacting power relations or that that he invokes the violence that instantiates and sustains those power relations when he harasses women.

  20. This is a continuation of the above comment: This is why the above comments that claim that harassing women as they walk down the street equates to screaming racial slurs or homophobic remarks at people walking down the street. Just as the subordinate positions of females in relation to males is maintained through sexual assault, or in relation to constructing women as subjects that can be raped, racism and homophobia are social relations founded and maintained by real violence, not metaphorical violence, not psychological violence but KKK-lynching, gay-bashing-in-an-alley-beatings. All of these power relations are asymmetrical, which means that a woman harassing a man is qualitatively different from a man harassing a woman. The looks Jordan receives from the women he harasses says “eat shit” for at least two reasons: first, because of the harassment; and second, because he is too ignorant to reflect on even these obvious conditions of the social world in which he lives and to understand his own actions.

  21. Is it just me, or is Mark implying that it’s OK to make women *over* 20 feel insecure or unsafe? Trying to resist the urge to tear apart his argument that some girls like it, therefore it’s OK (some people also enjoy being peed on, but I wouldn’t use it as a pickup strategy, dude).

  22. I can’t believe this guy talks so lightly about his friend flashing his testicles to a twelve year old girl! (That’s what a brain is). I hope they got charged!

  23. “My advise to all you female gender that are disgusted lighten up!! Consider it a compliment if someone should direct a comment your way (Baby etc… come on! what the hell is all the fuss). Don’t feel ashamed, embarrassed, distraught, Insulted, Injured Intimidated, Treated with disrespect, Laughed at, Disempowered, Threatened, Taken for granted
    or Made small; turn around and say thank-you or something suiting. And as a closing don’t walk around in parkas and baggie pants unless you are one of the unfortunate that has commented to this article in a negative way and feel offended. To the rest of you gals if you feel good about yourself keep showing it to creeping you real.”

    May I advise all of you of the male gender who feel this way to imagine you’re a father, then imagine someone making public comments on your daughter like she is a piece of meat. Imagine it’s your wife or girlfriend. Imagine it happens at night, or when she’s already upset about something. Imagine someone feels the need to comment publically about a woman you truely care about; what would happen if someone yelled ‘baby’ or ‘nice tits’ or flashed their testicals at your mother. And if none of those thoughts have any effect on you, at least have the decency to not project the asshole you are onto those around you. The fuss is that I’m not your baby, and you’re a random stranger making sexual comments about me in public. And as for saying thank-you? Last time someone told me they wanted to ‘lick my pussy’ I wanted to ‘smash their mouth’.

    As to the girls? Well, I sorta agree with this boy. Don’t feel any of those things. Feel angry, or feel like you’re going to do something about it.

    And in closing, a woman who feels good about herself, truely, doesn’t need some random man to give her compliments. She knows her boundaries of how people can speak to her, and showing some fucking respect is what she wants from you.

  24. I see some male commenters suggest women should take it as a “compliment” when some random street asshole shouts out that she passes his particular fuckability test.

    The thing these particular men don’t understand is simple: dude, your boner is irrelevant.

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