McGuinty’s nuke plan wrong

Since the Glob & Mall didn't publish my letter to the editor regarding McGuinty's nuclear plan I'll post it here.

It disheartens me that Ontario's government would consider an increase in its nuclear power capacity, not because alternatives to coal and oil are absolutely necessary, but because nuclear energy is unnecessary, unproven, and unsafe.

The people of Port Hope, in their fight against the development of another nuclear facility near their community, have been an inspiration to me and others in Saskatchewan.  Here, we have an New Democratic Party politicking to manufacture support for uranium, their goose that lays the golden egg.   Our NDP government is eager to expand the uranium industry.

Many here are working against an expansion of this industry because we have seen, first hand, how devastating it is to our earth and to our people.  Independent reports show that conditions of the animal, plant, and marine life are constantly deteriorating in "the north."  The Beaverlodge region looks like something from a dystopian sci-fi flick.  Fish in our northern lakes have severe deformities.  Uranium miners face much greater incidences of lung cancer than the norm. 

Worldwide, the nuclear industry is fast fading.  It is killing our earth and doing harm to innocent people (Chernobyl, Iraq).  And, it is sucking money from our governments because it cannot survive without government handouts.  Ontarians, I beg of you, make McGuinty spend that money elsewhere.  Spend your tax dollars on wind and solar power, on anything but this deadly element. 


One thought on “McGuinty’s nuke plan wrong

  1. Perhaps they didn’t publish it because you suggested Saskatchewan’s marine life was being harmed. There is no marine life in Saskatchewan. ‘Marine’ refers to salt water, oceanic environments. There are no oceans in Saskatchewan. Perhaps they took their cue from this and weren’t willing to assume you knew what you were talking about.

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