Herbicide reproduced in your gut?

Ew!  If eating genetically modified products such as corn, soy, etc can reproduce the herbicides Roundup and/or Liberty in our guts, then the risks are indeed greater than initially thought!  And I must find a way to afford organic food all the time

From the Organic Consumers Association (of which Maude Barlow is a Policy & Advisory Board member):

Genetically Engineered Crops May Produce Herbicide Inside Our Intestines

By Jeffrey M. Smith
Spilling the Beans/Institute for Responsible Technology
Straight to the Source

Pioneer Hi-Bred's website boasts that their genetically modified (GM) Liberty Link corn survives doses of Liberty herbicide, which would normally kill corn. The reason, they say, is that the herbicide becomes "inactive in the corn plant." They fail to reveal, however, that after you eat the GM corn, some inactive herbicide may become reactivated inside your gut and cause a toxic reaction. In addition, a gene that was inserted into the corn might transfer into the DNA of your gut bacteria, producing long-term effects. These are just a couple of the many potential side-effects of GM crops that critics say put the public at risk.

Herbicide tolerance (HT) is one of two basic traits common to nearly all GM crops. About 71% of the crops are engineered to resist herbicide, including Liberty (glufosinate ammonium) and Roundup (glyphosate).  About 18% produce their own pesticide. And 11% do both. The four major GM crops are soy, corn, cotton and canola, all of which have approved Liberty- and Roundup-tolerant varieties. Herbicide tolerant (HT) crops are a particularly big money-maker for biotech companies, because when farmers buy HT seeds, they are required to purchase the companies' brand of herbicide as well. In addition, HT crops dramatically increase the use of herbicide, which further contributes to the companies' bottom line.

There are no required safety tests for HT crops in the US-if the biotech companies declare them fit for human consumption, the FDA has no further questions. But many scientists and consumers remain concerned, and the Liberty Link varieties pose unique risks.


If the herbicide is regenerated inside our gut, since it is an antibiotic, it will likely kill gut bacteria. Gut microorganisms are crucial for health. They not only provide essential metabolites like certain vitamins and short fatty acids, but also help the break down and absorption of food and protect against pathogens. Disrupting the balance of gut bacteria can cause a wide range of problems.

 Read the full article at the OCA website.
Thanks to Neil Sinclair, former Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, for the tidbit in my inbox!


6 thoughts on “Herbicide reproduced in your gut?

  1. Well, now we know!

    Jeffrey Smith’s last book on agriculture and food was greeted with guffaws by the scientific establishment and they’ve been waiting to see how wretched his next offering would be.

    Now we have a foretaste of what Smith, an advocate of yogic levitation, will be peddling this time around in a book published by a vanity press in Fairfield, Iowa.

    What happens with Liberty Link corn in the digestive tract was studied years ago and found not to be an issue. Mostly because the herbicide goes on the leaves of the plant, which humans don’t eat. The corn kernels are protected by the leafy husk.

    And the herbicide gets pooped out anyway. You have probably noticed that the human body poops out lots of things.

    It’s bizarre to claim that Liberty herbicide is an antibiotic. I guess that means we should be using it to treat pneumonia or apply it to cuts and burns?

    Looks like we can look forward to lots of howlers when the book finally comes out.

    And of course, the more the Greens promote the book, the more gullible they’ll look. It will be fun to watch.


  2. “Whose science you choose to read?” That’s rich. Selective reading, selective ignorance. Of course most of what you read tends to agree with Smith. Most bible-thumpers have the same approach–and call themselves “enlightened” at the same time.

    Dude, you shame yourself.

  3. The antibiotic connection may not be all that weird.

    I understand GM molecules often contain an antibiotic resistant gene. I believe they insert it as a “marker gene” when they manipulate the DNA, because they can recognize it easily.

    Which always seemed like a pretty wild idea, sending anti-biotic resistance out into the biological world where no one can predict what will happen. ( and whoever claims they can doesn’t understand how complex/connected the world is.)

    And people who ingest herbicides don’t shit them all out, that’s for sure.
    There are hundreds and hundreds of studies that have made links between herbi/pesticides and various serious illnesses. (do a google on health hazards pesticides and see for yourself, especially if you’re not already eating organic.)


  4. Interesting points jan!

    But the claim was that the *chemical herbicide spray* is an antibiotic.

    And with respect to the specific herbicide in question, it was proved years ago that the human body isn’t interested in absorbing it. Ditto for cows and goats.

    I am familiar with the “studies that link” crop sprays with illnesses. But none of them has proven any of them has ever even once actually caused illness among consumers eating food.

    The vast majority of carcinogens in the diet are naturally-produced plant compounds. There is a *very* good reason why the liver is the largest organ in the human body. It’s an evolutionary response to eating an all-natural diet.

    And there’s more carcinogens in one cup of coffee than there are man-made chemical residues you consume in your food in a year.

    Jeff Smith’s thin tissue of alarming speculations makes exciting reading, but the facts are unfortunately rather ho-hum.

  5. GLARINGLY absent, Shillaber, is any evidence whatsoever that Smith’s work has been “greeted with guffaws by the scientific establishment”. Did you learn this by telepathy, or read it somewhere? If you read it somewhere, you can site the source (you won’t, of course).

    After providing ZERO evidence for your claim, you go on to attempt to smear Jeffrey Smith’s character, a fallacy of relevancy, Shillaber, with ZERO evidence as well.

    Next, there was a study published in the Lancet showing that GMO DNA can survive the digestive tract, so your liberty link corn claim is dead in the water. The problem is inherent to th creation of GMOs, not what is sprayed on them.

    Also, if the talk of antibiotics confuses you, you have no idea of the process by which GMOs are regularly created. (The subtext there is “stop wasting our time, Shill”)

    Shill, you shame yourself.

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