Hacker grabs USA nuke info

USA's National Nuclear Safety Administration records unsafe

Hacker steals US nuclear agency files

Saturday 10 June 2006, 4:59 Makka Time, 1:59 GMT

A computer hacker has got into the US agency that guards the country's nuclear weapons stockpile and stolen the personal records of at least 1,500 employees and contractors.

A senior US legislator revealed the incident on Friday, which targeted the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA).

It is the latest agency to reveal that sensitive private information about government workers was stolen.

The incident happened last September but energy department officials were not told about it until this week, prompting the chairman of the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee to demand the resignation of the head of the NNSA.
An NNSA spokesman was not available for comment.
The NNSA is a semi-autonomous arm of the energy department. It guards some of the US military's nuclear secrets and responds to global nuclear and radiological emergencies.

Read the full Al Jazeera article
Now doesn't living on this continent make you feel safe?


Thanks to Annamarie at Verbena-19 for the lead.


2 thoughts on “Hacker grabs USA nuke info

  1. Good post, glad you found it on mine. (You did a much better job of posting about it than I did. By the time I read my latest emails from all the stuff I subscribe to, it’s usually so late that I’m too tired to post more than the headline and short intro.)

    Yep, we should definitely NOT feel safe living on this continent.

    You have a great blog, interesting content. I’ve bookmarked your site.

    BTW, I’ll be moving to Word Press soon too, as soon as my good friend Dale Mugford of Digital Memoirs returns from out west. He’s my blog-designer-helper. I don’t know how to do much of my own stuff, so I’m lost without his experise!

    Take care and best regards,

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