Action: Radioactive Waste in SK

I'm not a churchy kind of person, but I greatly appreciate the work that the Inter-Church Uranium Committee Educational Co-operative has done.  This is the second Resolution from Saskatchewan Conference of the United Church regarding the devastation at Beaverlodge. (Action suggestion follows the resolution.)

Resolution  No. 12

Title:  Partial Cleanup of Uranium Radioactive Waste in the Beaverlodge Region

Origin:  Division of Mission       

Action:  Approved by Saskatchewan Conference at Preeceville, Sask.,             
               May 26, 2006

WHEREAS:  a carload of radioactive sand and mine tailings blows into Lake Athabasca everyday (CBC Documentary on Uranium Mining by David Common–02/11/10)  (2) and

WHEREAS 6 million tones of uranium mine tailings were dumped into Minewater Lake, Marie Lake, and Fookes Lake in the Beaverlodge region (2), and

WHEREAS  abnormalities in up to 80% of the Lake Chubb fish in Greer and Marie Lakes were found to have cataracts in their eyes, edema, and distended abdomens (Golder Consultants, 2000) (3), and

WHEREAS testing in 1997 revealed the sediments in Beaverlodge Lake at the north end of Ace and Tailing creeks have radium concentrations of 10 to 90 times normal background levels (Ruggles and Rowley, 1978), and the normal level of radium at the outflow of Greer Lake is not expected to be achieved for another 150 to 200 years (Senes Consultants, 2003) (4) and

WHEREAS  large areas of vegetation have been devasted by radioactive sand and uranium mine tailings, (5)

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Saskatchewan Conference of the United Church of Canada call on the Saskatchewan Minister of the Environment to arrange immediately for bulldozers, with appropriate shielding for the operators, to move the radioactive sand and tailings back from the shores of Lake Athabasca and tributary lakes, in order to lessen the contamination and poisoning of our northern waters and the marine creatures in those waters.


(1)CBC Documentary, “Uranium,” Regina, by David Common, 02/11/10

(2) Commission Member Document, (CMD-04-H23,1A).  Oral Supplementary, Beaverlodge Mine Site Environmental Effects Reassessment, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, p. 5.

(3) Golder Associates Report, Feb. 2002, Current Period Environmental Monitoring Program for the Beaverlodge Mine Site, pp. 96-97. Also, Senes Consultants Ltd. 2003, Beaverlodge Mine Site Environmental Effects Reassessment, pp. 3-30, 3-31.

(4) R. G. Ruggles & W.J. Rowley, “A Study of Water Pollution in the Vicinity of the Eldorado Ltd., Beaverlodge Operation, November 1978, p. 1. Also Senes Consultants, Beaverlodge Mine Site Environmental Effects Reassessment, p. ES-2.

(5) Pictures in the CBC Documentary, “Uranium,” Regina, by David Common. 02/11/10.

Please email the Hon. John Nilson, SK Minister for the Environment, and urge him to act immediately on this issue.  The cleanup has already been too long in coming.  And, it wouldn't hurt to cc the Hon. Eric Cline, Minister of Industry and Resources as well as Premier Calvert.  If you would like to write letters, which politicians take more seriously than emails, you will find detailed contact information linked from here.


3 thoughts on “Action: Radioactive Waste in SK

  1. Oh B,

    Thank you for getting this information to us. I find myself, so often, overwhelmed and immobilized by fear and horror by the whole uranium thing in Saskatchewan, everything about it is wrong…I support this action and will say so to our politicians.

    Joanna Macy, long time anti nuclear activist said to me…"if you are going to do anti nuclear work, don't do it alone, becuase you will lose hope."

    oh B

  2. Thanks very much for this information. Bill Adamson has been a tireless worker within the United Church, having had to speak the truth many times to get his resolutions passed. We should all thank him for this. We have a battle on our hands trying to stop Saskatchewan becoming a very nuclearized area. The plans are frightening.
    Thanks again.
    Linda Murphy

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