Missing Women

I’m just home from one of the most powerful social justice events I’ve attended in a long time. Today, at noon, several First Nations and white women, all dressed in black, gathered at the corner of 12th Avenue and St. John Street in Regina to mark an X on the spot where Patricia Maye Favel, a teenager, was last seen getting into a car in 1984. Also at the intersection was a white car.

After filing into two lines, marking X’s on each other’s faces, the women rearranged their lines to make an X of their two lines. Then, the women made one line and each woman got into the car (and come out the other side). It was a remarkable act of symbolism for all women who have gone missing from Regina and area and across the country.

Following that, the women made a circle and a woman smudged and led a prayer. Powerful, powerful stuff!

By way of background, the Native Women’s Association of Canada has been working with Sisters in Spirit to establish a national registry of missing women.

I wonder if Stephen Harper’s Canada includes this registry.

The Regina Leader Post has a preliminary story. CBC SK has a story about violent crime and aboriginal peoples.


7 thoughts on “Missing Women

  1. I said “You should try meditating under a rainbow. If that doesn’t fix the world nothing will!” and you told me i need anti-racist thinking– and from that I twist words. Well then tell me what i said that you considered racist if we are shooting straight.

  2. I only just found your blog when you linked to mine. Disparaging? I asked you what you considered scary about government checks. And so far you’ve accused me of twisting words and racism. Oh well.

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