Changes, the Harper Way

I found this article quite informative and not the least surprising given what we’ve already seen from the Harper.

Of particular concern, however, and permeating through specific policy proposals, is a reformulation of what the “social” itself means, both in terms of how we understand the role and nature of “social” policy, and more fundamentally, how we do or should constitute ourselves as social beings.

I remember the Mulroney years and the clawing and hacking at social policy. They were not good years, particularly when combined with the Devine Tory crooks in Saskatchewan. The Harperites remind me a lot of the socially conservative Devinites, but with a bit of experience now what with the likes of Harris (ON), Klein (AB), Campbell (BC) and Hamm (NS) having held the line. I doubt the Harper will make many mistakes, which is why we, the socially progressive ones, must do our utmost to expose the ultra neo-con and socially conservative agenda for what it is: destructive to the social fabric of our country, economically biased in favour of wealth, and completely devastating to our planet.


2 thoughts on “Changes, the Harper Way

  1. ultra neo-con and socially conservative agenda
    Conflicting statement. The term Neo-Con was invented in the forties by an author to describe people who were at the time drifting from the left to the right, they were socialy left but fiscaly right. The use of the term Neo-Con on the web has been laughable. Also, you night want to note that even though Klein heads the Cosnervatives in Alberta, he himself is far from a true conservative. He was a Liberal for years, especially when he was Mayor of Calgary. He used to run things using something called “common sense”. If it was broke, he fixed it. He is more of a centerist by trade. It’s his stand on healthcare that has labeled him as a right-winger. His view of our healthcare system is that currently it will soon become un-sustainable, which is true, and he was trying to find a way to make it work. Fear of something new has ended that idea and it won’t be long before healthcare takes up 100% of each provinces operating budget.

  2. Pardon me for not providing the history of the use of the term, neo-con, however, both Liberal and NDP governments have followed neo-con policies, yet instituted progressive social policy, so if what you’re saying is true, then I think the meaning of the phrase has shifted. Language does that.

    As for Klein, well, Gordon Campbell is a Liberal, too. Both are neo-cons.

    As to our healthcare system, I suspect you did not read what the news media reported about our healthcare system and how it is superior to that of the US of A (which iirc, is what Klein was suggesting).

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