Another calculated boo-boo?

It worries me that the Harper is trying to get around the constitution. It should worry everyone. From the Ottawa Citizen:

PM’s cherished bill unconstitutional, House counsel says
Lawyer issues challenge of accountability legislation; MPs demand release of staff advice to minister
Tim Naumetz, The Ottawa Citizen

Published: Friday, June 02, 2006

The federal government’s sweeping accountability bill would violate the Constitution by allowing the courts to wade into the decisions of Parliament and votes by MPs, says the chief legal counsel for the House of Commons.

In a surprise brief yesterday to the committee studying the 192-page bill, chief Commons law clerk Rob Walsh took the rare step of challenging key clauses, including the new conflict of interest rules for MPs and the secret ballot votes to elect officers of Parliament.

Is this another nod of the head to another faction of the party, saying that yes, when we have a majority we’ll transform this country into something we’ll never recognize? Or, perhaps this is why the Harper picked up his marbles and ran away after the Gwyn Morgan thing. Or maybe it does smell like cheese as one blogger suggests. It’s definitely a wedge issue, designed to score points over the Liberals next election. But is the electorate really that fickle? Will it be after experiencing this Minority government? I mean, the Harper is scary! And so are some of his supporters.

Thanks to Sinister Thoughts for the lead.


4 thoughts on “Another calculated boo-boo?

  1. So long as the checks and balances are in accordance with our Constitution, then fine, I have no problem with it.

    But what the Harper seems to be up to is suspicious.

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