Worth Working Toward

What would be the chance of this happening under the Harper’s regime?

A Minister of Peace for Canada

Weary of waging war, people everywhere are seeking ways of waging peace. We, the Working Group, are committed to the establishment of a Minister of Peace in the Government of Canada. We are convinced that this is an idea whose time has come and that there exists widespread, untapped public support for such an idea.

Given the escalation of violent conflict and insecurity across our world today, there has never been greater urgency nor a better window of opportunity to seed this intent in Canada, The proposed minister would hold peace as an organizing principle in our society. She or he would advance an agenda of individual and collective security based on the principle of the responsibility to protect life through activities promoting a culture of peace and assertive non-violence.

Certainly worth working towards. Read the full piece here. There’s more here, including contact information, listserv details and the full proposal.

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