Cons Mean-Spirited and Bloody-minded: Regina Leader Post

It is rare to find me in agreement with anything Regina Leader-Post financial editor, Bruce Johnstone, says. But here it is: Harper’s policies going the wrong way and I can’t argue that! In the article, he reports on the news conference/scrum when Ambrose was in town for the non-announcement on ethanol and he mentions Carol Skelton’s visit to Regina for $66,000 feasibility study announcement.

Buried deep in the piece is

More importantly, while the Harper government seems fixated on saving nickels and dimes, the bigger picture often gets missed.

Media reports are suggesting that the Tories are looking to axe deals the Liberals made with the provinces to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This despite a recent report that Alberta’s GHG emissions rose nearly 40 per cent since 1990, while Saskatchewan’s jumped nearly 62 per cent — the highest in Canada.

It reminded me that this NDP government has to deal with its gas, oil, and coal fixation and put even more effort into alternatives.

Further down in the Johnstone article, he gets to the point:

So the Tories are going to save a few hundred million dollars by chopping GHG reduction projects, all the while saying they can’t meet the Liberals’ Kyoto targets.

Talk about your self-fulfilling prophecy!

Similarly, the government chopped the EnerGuide for Houses program to save $45 million annually. Yet that same program levered probably 10 times that amount in energy-efficiency improving renovations.

It also reduced average energy consumption and home-heating bills by one-third and greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent, or four tonnes per home per year. It’s understandable for the Conservative government to want to put its own stamp on policies, such as Kyoto. It’s another thing to systematically kill any program or project the Liberals had a hand in.

That sort of mean-spirited, bloody-mindedness is not in Canadians’ best interest.

Mean-spirited, bloody-mindedness! Wow! Nothing quite like telling it like it is, Bruce!


2 thoughts on “Cons Mean-Spirited and Bloody-minded: Regina Leader Post

  1. I feel the same way as Bruce, maybe even more so. With all the carping about the Libs failed Kyoto actions, their response is to do even less. What a bunch of liars. Anyone here of projection? It is a common tactic used by those who are indenial and think they are superior to everyone else. They project the very things they are guilty of onto others. So when we hear of a biased, partisan media; we can then know that it is the Connies who are biased and partisan but dishonest about it, so they make someone else their scapegoat.

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