Ambrose Lies?

The Toronto Star suggests the Harperites are misleading the public on Canada’s Kyoto targets.

The Harper government fired the first salvos in this battle when Ambrose announced in the Commons April 7 that national emissions “are actually up by 30 per cent.” The Prime Minister then weighed into the fray April 25, saying Canada’s emissions had increased by 30 per cent above the Kyoto target.

Other Conservatives jumped on the bandwagon, claiming the failure of Liberal Kyoto policies was obvious because in 2003, emissions were up by only 24 per cent but then jumped all the way to 30 per cent in one year.

All those statements are factually wrong, according to the voluminous “National Inventory Report” prepared by Ambrose’s own department and filed last month with the UN’s Framework Convention for Climate Change, the agency that meets in Bonn.

Comparing emissions to 1990, the key base year in the Kyoto pact, the report concluded that:

  • Canada’s 758 million tonnes of emissions in 2004 were 26.6 per cent higher than the 599 million tonnes in 1990 — not the claimed 30 per cent.
  • After adjusting for better information, the correct figure for 2003 emissions was 25.9 per cent higher than in 1990 — not the quoted 24 per cent.
  • The year-to-year emissions increase was four million tonnes — one of the smallest annual hikes recorded — because less coal was burned in electrical power plants as nuclear plants came back into service.

Fudging numbers to make Kyoto commitments seem impossible to reach is deplorable for a party that campaigned so righteously to Stand Up for Canada! To whose Canada were they referring?

Yes, Canada is off-target on Kyoto but surely that is no reason to stop striving for the goals to which we’ve committed!

Thanks to LE REVUE GAUCHE – Left Analysis And Comment for the lead.


5 thoughts on “Ambrose Lies?

  1. Lied,is that like saying we’ll scrap the gst and then do absolutly nothing.
    Or telling the public that the federal gun registry cost two million dollars.?
    I could go on and on about Liberal truth. The best reason to scrap kyoto is because it’s a Liberal project and like all their projects their born of lies including national daycare and same pervert marriage.

  2. So, just because the Libs lied, the Cons can, too? That’s some justification!

    As a mother, I can tell you that a national childcare strategy is long overdue in this country and given the mounting outcry from parents across the country, the Cons may be forced to change their position on that one, too, or face angry parents at the polls.

    Kyoto is backed by solid science, so your attempts to belittle it show how little you really know. And, as for your stance on SSM, well, it speaks volumes!

  3. That is a great article. I hope everyone reads it. I have been saying for weeks that just because the Conservatives say that our emissions have gone up by said amount does not actually mean they have. So far the Conservatives have lied about all the real issues, but that is OK, because even though they campaigned on bringing in a higher standard of truth than the Liberals, once in office they realized that that they could lie as much as they want and just say that the Liberals were liars too.

    Ambrose is an idiot. To say that to reach our targets we would have to take every car etc off the road is the equivalent of a 250 man saying that it is not possible to lose 10 pounds because he would have to remove his left arm, when everyone knows that you lose weight that is distributed throughout the body. Any person or industry can make massive ghg emissions cuts without interferring with their standard of living. Many people I know have cut their emissions by 50 – 80% while improving their life (myself included). Just because their are a couple moronic Conservatives who lack imagination or are making big bucks off the oil industry, does not mean that the rest of us should accept Ambrose and Harper making our Country the laughing stock of the world. The Conservatives are an embarrassment to common sense.

    Kyoto is not just backed by solid science, it is backed by all science, the anti-global warming groups, have no scientific data left on their side (since last fall when Christy and Spencer’s satellite data was debunked, they have admitted the error and now say that global warming is occuring). That was obvious on the recent Fox News special which was to show that there is scientific uncertainty. But then they interviewed the big three anti-global warming scientists and all three said that global warming is real and we are causing it. They just disagree on the severity and consequences, but not even by a whole lot.

  4. The big three anti-global warming scientists btw are Christy and Spencer, along with the oil funded Cato Institute’s Patrick Michaels. All three are finally admitting that global warming is occuring.

    Plus they interviewed the other darling of the flat earth society Lomborg who also beleives that Climate change is occuring, he just feels that money should be spent in Africa on aids, water and food etc first and then deal with other problems like global warming. The Right loves to spout off about how Lomborg proves that the lefties are wrong even though they don’t actually agree with anything he says (plus he is gay).

    The “Right” is having a pretty hard time finding a “real” scientist who says that climate change is not human caused. That is why they like to misquote scientists.

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