Snubbing The Control Freak Harper

I smell a big policy reversal coming if The Harper wants his majority. From MacLean’s: Journalists snub PM

May 23, 2006 – 18:51

Journalists boycott Harper news conference as media battle heats up


OTTAWA (CP) – About two dozen journalists walked out on Stephen Harper on Tuesday after he refused to take their questions, the latest chapter in an increasingly unseemly spat between the prime minister and members of the national media.

The scene of reporters boycotting a prime ministerial news conference was described by Parliament Hill veterans as a first. It resulted in Harper being forced to make his announcement on aid to Darfur to a small handful of reporters, photographers and cameramen outside the House of Commons.

From The Globe and Mail: Charest snubs The Harper

Quebec to go it alone on Kyoto, Charest says

Canadian Press

LAVAL, Que. — Quebec Premier Jean Charest says he’s ready to act alone to respect the Kyoto accord if the federal government reneges on its commitments.

“The Quebec government is resolutely committed to Kyoto and we intend to soon announce our policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Mr. Charest said Tuesday.

Such principled action!


5 thoughts on “Snubbing The Control Freak Harper

  1. I think Canadians are learning that the journos of Ottawa are a whiny bunch that are acting like six-year-olds… “I’m taking my ball and going home.” Since when was this news?

    As for Charest, he’s welcome to shut off every coal-fired power plant in his province and take 100,000 cars off the road, but the rest of like our electricity and transportation. Kyoto was a Liberal pipe-dream that they sold to Canada by never saying what it was going to cost.

  2. The Kyoto Accord is an international agreement to which Canada is a signatory. I don’t care whether or not it was a Liberal pipedream as you state it, but we are bound to it. Just because the winds of change have blown The Harper into what I hope will be a short term in office, does not mean he can dither with international agreements and not be prepared for the fall-out. Canada is reaping some very negative attention around the globe and that will not be good for our trade relationships.

    Furthermore, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that we, as a species, need to let go of our gas, oil, and other greenhouse gas-creating addiction if we are to leave a somewhat healthy planet to our children and grandchildren.

    If, of course, you prefer to bequeath future generations a living hell, then burn, baby, burn.

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